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Benefits of VoIP

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Q. I have previously used a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in the past and I had a bad experience. What has changed and why is now a good time to move from traditional telephony to VoIP?

A: As a business, Packnet have been involved in VoIP since 2003 so we have seen the pitfalls first hand. From this we have built a robust system than can meet business needs and be robust enough to withstand the stringent requirements of a modern organisation. The main factor that has shifted the market towards VoIP is the increase of availability and price reduction of business grade fibre broadband. With more and more businesses moving towards office 365 and having cloud based storage in place. The need for increased bandwidth is increasing by the day. Although this may cost more than a traditional “broadband” connection it is becoming much more common place to have FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) as a minimum.

With this level of connectivity in place and the investment it takes it makes sense to run your voice over the top of it. The problems caused previously were normally around available bandwidth. There are couple of main factors that have changed. Firstly we can run QOS (quality of service) on a connection. This means voice traffic is prioritised over data and leads to much more stability on the network and calls won’t drop. Also the platform it’s self that a fully hosted VoIP system sits on. We can monitor the traffic from 3 different data centres with a automatic failover.

The way we look at it is VoIP should be helping to make your business more money and enable flexible working and a slicker customer experience. Nine time out of ten this can be done and actually save money for you to.

This answer was given by Ross Brown, Business Development Manager at Packnet. You can contact him with any questions by emailing ross@pack-net.co.uk.

December 2nd, 2014

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