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Green technologies: why are they growing in Greater Manchester?

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Amy House

The global market for green technologies and services is estimated to be worth more than £3.4 trillion and growing, and this is a trend that’s corroborated – on a smaller scale, of course – for Greater Manchester, too.

Within our region alone, there are currently around 2,000 companies operating within this sector, providing a range of different goods and services across:

  • energy efficiency
  • renewable and low carbon energy
  • waste management treatment and recycling
  • water management
  • low carbon finance
  • low emission vehicles and infrastructure
  • environmental monitoring and management
  • smart grids.

At last count, these companies employ 38,000 people and have a collective annual turnover of £5.4 billion, equating to a growth rate of approximately 5% a year.

New ‘state of the sector’ data forthcoming

However, the Business Growth Hub has recently commissioned research into the latest state of the sector in Greater Manchester, through a mapping study, and we look forward to announcing the latest figures within the next couple of months. We can only anticipate that the research will further demonstrate a sector that is thriving: growing in terms of size and prominence; and a sector that is resilient and increasing in importance as we continue our transition to a low carbon economy.

Tailored, funded support

Business Growth Hubs funded support services are designed to help companies take advantage of these rapidly growing low carbon markets, and to ensure that the sector remains one of Greater Manchester’s key priority growth areas, high on the region’s agenda.

Our advisors’ specialist knowledge of the sector helps you create your business strategy, develop new products, and equip you with the market intelligence you need to boost sales and business development. Our support is usually one-to-one, but you can also join our Low Carbon Network that currently boasts over 200 members, all of whom enjoy targeted sales opportunities and connections to other members.

We have also devised a programme of masterclasses tailored to the interests of businesses in the sector. Designed to suit leaders, owners and managers of busy, small companies working in or supplying to the green technologies and services sector, the masterclasses will give you the tools you need to survive the rapidly changing market conditions and grow your business, offering practical advice, case studies and take-home tools which can be implemented immediately. Find out more about these here

About the author…

Amy House, Low Carbon Sector Development Lead at The Business Growth Hub (ENWORKS)

Amy has worked in the low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector for nine years, working as both a business adviser and a commercial manager in the recycling and waste industry. Bringing her extensive network of contacts and broad sector knowledge to the team, Amy specialises in helping companies in the LCEGS sector to identify new sales opportunities, raise their company profile and expand their network of contacts. Amy holds an MSc in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction.

Contact number: 07702 921 936
email: Amy@enworks.com

October 3rd, 2017

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