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The impact emerging technologies is already having on Manchester

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Buzzwords like artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things are everywhere right now, but these are all concepts that have been slowly advancing and developing over the last decade in particular. There’s more to these words than media hype though; they’re starting to impact us here in Manchester on a very relatable level, in three key ways.

Boosting Healthcare

There are several industries that are taking leaps and bounds forwards thanks to enhanced technology, and healthcare is a major one. We recently held a Mobile Monday Manchester event all about the transformative powers of tech in this field, and there were some stark revelations.

From the use of graphene (another Manchester innovation!) to create personalised monitoring devices that can be printed directly onto skin or clothing, tailoring a patient’s treatment, to impressive new apps like DonorPath that’s being used by Specialist Nurses within the Blood & Transplant department to cut down on lengthy, out-dated processes, and the gamified AR app that hopes to help reduce trauma for children in hospitals.

All of these innovations are happening right here in Manchester, and they’ll help to improve the lives of people living and working around the region, whilst fuelling creativity in other areas of industry.

More jobs, more skills, more prosperity

From a business perspective, it’s likely we’ll see a fair amount of growth over the next few years thanks to emerging technologies like AI. Many of the big players in this field are establishing teams and presences outside of London and a lot of them are setting up shop in Manchester thanks to its long-standing and top tech reputation.

While it might be the lure of cheaper rents and cost-of-living initially, once a few of the big-name companies start the move, it’s likely other will follow so they’re close to like-minded people. PWC, advocates of using AI and software robotics as a “scalable virtual workforce” to drive company efficiency, recently built a brand new HQ in the heart of Spinningfields. While just last month, growing AI company Peak moved into the top floor of Manchester’s £8million Neo scheme.

It’s simple. The more companies that flock here, the more jobs that become available, and the larger the talent pool available to other industries in the area, who all want to get in on the tech innovation action.

Entrepreneurial gains

Just last year, Salford outranked London as the UK’s top city for start-up growth, and it isn’t difficult to see why. We know from our own investments in tech start-ups like Beatstream, JigTalk and Bidooh, that the Greater Manchester region is not only bursting with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and industry talent, but it’s also a fantastic place to kick-start a tech company.

Thinking practically, the costs of setting yourself up here are far lower than in our capital, and there are a wealth of funding options and schemes available through groups like the Manchester Tech Trust.

But in terms of expertise, there’s no better place to be – when we set up here almost 10 years ago, we were determined to stay Manchester-based because of the tech hub it was fast becoming. Now, the number of networking sessions, conferences and events all focussed around our sector makes this city an exciting place to be if you’re in the business of emerging technology.

About the author:

Name: Adam Fleming

Job title: Chief Technical Officer

Company name: Apadmi

One of Apadmi’s four founders, Adam Fleming has been involved in tech since before it was cool. He leads the Apadmi Labs team, the research and development arm of the business which seeks to find or create innovative new technologies and methodologies to be used across a variety of industries.

March 6th, 2018

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