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Why your reception area is the best place to impress

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Reception and entrance areas are often the first opportunity for companies to impress after their social media and website. They must set your company apart in a highly-saturated business world by filling the senses of guests with engaging materials that put your company in a positive light from the off. If a company has a dated reception area, then the first impression of any visitor is likely to be poor.

There are a few different audio visual technologies that businesses can use to impact the senses and make that great first impression.

Display Screens

A display screen is a large professional LCD monitor used to display branding, adverts, presentations and videos. They aren’t just big TV’s, they’re specifically designed to stay on 24/7 with a minimal environmental impact. Essentially, display screens allow a business to welcome guests with something visually more fancy than a sofa and a simple logo.

Display screens also provide an opportunity for companies to cross-sell products and services, or even those of partner companies in a non-invasive way. Whether it be branded company information or promotional media from marketing or sales, or general updates from admin; display screens will boost the corporate image of any organisation.

Signage Software

Businesses can maximise the effectiveness of their display screens by using them in conjunction with software expressly intended to make them easy to use, such as Sharp Signage Software. These programmes offer near-unlimited templates for visually striking messages that can be dragged and dropped in and out of a queue. This not only makes functionality simpler, but also makes messaging instant and tailored. For example, if you wanted a specific message to go out at a specific time, say you had a certain guest due to arrive, you could schedule a message for them as they arrive, creating a more personal experience, which is bound to make a powerful first impression.

Video Walls

If you want to make a real, lasting impact on people entering your business, you may want to consider using a video wall, particularly if your entrance area is large. Essentially, video walls are extra-large screens made up of several smaller display screens, tiled together to work as one. Their appeal comes from the ability to piece them together in many different formats, and their small bezel strips create a near perfect unbroken image or video; a visually striking addition to any reception area.

Systems

Reception sign-in systems, once primarily targeted at schools, are becoming a popular mainstay with business admin departments. Firstly, with just a few clicks they massively speed up the sign-in process from the off. Devices like the InVentry system can even be set up with a small thermal label printer to produce fully customisable temporary or permanent ID badges, which adds a more professional feel, and lets guests see you take your business seriously. As we all know, GDPR came into force on May 25th, so it’s also worth mentioning here that sign-in systems add an additional layer to your business’ compliance; removing sign-in books that display your visitors’ data.

Sign-in systems are also valuable for internal use. They provide an accurate way of management keeping an eye on employee attendance with clock-in and clock-out functions, and email notifications can be set up to make staff aware of when a particular guest has arrived and signed-in. The technology is so advanced now that integrated cameras can even use facial recognition for easy repeat visits and custom visitor welcome messages.

July 3rd, 2018

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