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Why not improve your business by recruiting Legal Services Apprentices from Manchester Law School?

Apprenticeships – What and Why?

The Legal Services Apprenticeship offers candidates a job and salary within a law firm, linked to a nationally recognised legal qualification from Manchester Law School. As a firm employing an apprentice, you will be able nurture and develop your own legal talent. Apprentices will in turn gain the practical work experience that offers an insight into the values and culture of your firm. After completion of the apprenticeship, graduates will be equipped to take on cases that are more complex and develop their existing client relationships.

How are they funded?

Government funding is available for the costs of training in an apprenticeship programme.
• The apprenticeship is fully funded for those who register before their 19th birthday
• 50% funded for apprentices aged between 19 – 24 year olds
• Employers with fewer than 50 employees, who have never employed an apprentice before or who have not recruited one in the last 12 months, and recruit an apprentice aged between 18 – 24 can apply for a grant of £1500 for up to five apprentices to cover recruitment costs here.
Why Manchester Law School?

Manchester Law School is one of the largest in the UK, and is the only local education provider to offer law courses at every stage of legal training including the Legal Practice Course, Master of Law (LLM) and the only national Master’s level legal management programme. Our staff are professionally qualified Solicitors or Barristers and understand both the legal and operational aspects of the law sector. We work with local and national firms to develop exceptional students who go on to become integral team members in their business.

How to get started

Manchester Law School is here to support you every step of the way in finding the right candidate to join your business. We’d like to invite you to register for one of the following open days, where you’ll be able to meet some of our current apprentices or even promote your own apprentice roles.

Tuesday 10th March, 2015, 5:00 – 7:30pm
Tuesday 12th May 2015, 5:00 – 7:30pm
Tuesday 30th June 2015, 5:00 -7.30pm
Tuesday 18th August 2015, 4:30 – 7:00pm

If you’d simply like more information about whether an apprentice is right for your business, please contact Deborah Walker on 07917 370341 or e-mail Deborah.walker@mmu.ac.uk

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