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Skilled and Ready schools programme linking to the Professional Services

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skilled and ready

Skilled and Ready is an employability and careers award for schools and colleges which is currently funded by New Economy across Greater Manchester. The strength of the award is that we work with employers to develop the content and resources to ensure that the skills employers need are covered in the programme. We are currently looking for SMEs in particular to work with us to develop employer projects. Our projects replicate the activities of the employers we work with to give young people a flavour of what it is like to work for the sponsoring company. Working with us to develop a project would typically take no more than half a day plus an hour or so of follow up time to review the materials. If this is too much, please send us any job descriptions and person specifications which we can add to our virtual jobs board which is being used by over 30 schools across the region.

For more information, please email: enquiries@skilledandready.co.uk

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