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Top tips on using the power of video to boost your marketing campaigns.

Sarah Wain

Sarah Wain

Posted on: 02/10/2018

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Video is easily one of the hottest trends in digital marketing, and it’s not going anywhere fast. Today, more and more digital marketers are using the power of video ads to transform their online campaigns. But how do you create video content that grabs your audience’s attention and boosts your brand awareness?

1. Use social media

Social media is the ultimate platform for video content because it provides you with a vast potential reach; not to mention that video is virtually unavoidable on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, all of which have an auto-play function. Videos on social media are designed to grab attention, so it’s important to keep hold of that attention once you’ve caught it. Your video won’t be the only ad a user sees during their scrolling session, so it’s important to make a lasting impression.

2. Introduce your brand early

According to a recent study, Facebook users only watch video content for an average of 10 seconds before moving on to the next post in their feed. This means you’ve got to be quick and get your brand in there before they scroll away; even if they don’t watch your ad in full, they’ll at least know who created the video.

3. Shoot your video vertically

Most smartphone users hold their devices vertically when browsing social media sites. Make sure your video content is tailored to the way your audience is likely to watch it. Smartphone screens tend to be long and tall, so widescreen videos simply won’t fit properly. If your content doesn’t fit within your users’ screen, they’ll probably lose interest very quickly.

4. Create video that makes sense in silent mode

These days, we use our phones during busy commutes, whilst waiting for friends in public spaces or even in bed before we go to sleep. More often than not, we’re watching video ads on silent mode. In fact, a staggering 85% of videos on Facebook  are watched without sound. This means that your video needs to be simple enough to understand in silent mode, with the soundtrack simply enhancing the experience for those watching with the volume turned up.

5. Don’t rely on length of view as a measurement for success

Though it might seem like an obvious metric for measuring how successful your video has been, length of view is not always completely accurate, given that users will scroll away from your ad in a matter of seconds. Instead, it’s worth finding a more measurable metric to evaluate the success (or failure) of your video content.

6. Focus on your top line objective

Think about what you want the outcome of your video to be. Do you want it to drive more traffic to your site? Is the purpose to generate more sales? Should the video boost your brand awareness? Whatever your key, top-line objective is, that’s what you need to use to measure the success of your ad.

About the author

Sarah has been working in content for more than six years. Coming from a digital marketing background, she has created written pieces about a number of topics, from dentistry and medicine to theme parks, college courses and home décor.

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